• SPA Centre ‘Dolce Vita’
    SPA Centre ‘Dolce Vita’
    Facilities and fun that make your wishes come true.
    Dreams - awake and asleep.
  • Dolce Vita
    Dolce Vita
    "Anything away from the sea is just countryside" Ernest Hemingway

    We don’t need to be eloquent for the things which speak for themselves.
    The variety of options, offered to you by Dolce Vita,
    turn your stay here into a pleasure you deserve.
  • Dolce Vita or the Sweetness of Life
    Dolce Vita or the Sweetness of Life
    Be carefree, feel the joy of life.
    Everything here, at Dolce Vita , belongs to you– the time, space, fun, fresh mornings, romantic nights...
  • The Beach
    The Beach

    On the very edge of the blue, where time and timelessness merge,
    where it smells of sunny wine, ,
    where the winds flirt with the seagulls and waves
    a whole new universe is huddled in a seashell dreaming summer….

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